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Mountain Portraits & More: Pam Traver

     Mt. Washington, Winter

Mountain Portraits & More: Pam Traver ran February 6 and runs through April 9, 2016. In this exhibit Pam explores the majestic mountain images in etching, monotype, monoprint, linocut and oil. Steeples, Canadian Rockies

Pam Traver talks about her process "Nature is a continuous source of inspiration for my art. Exploring the color relationships and the interplay of form and space in nature is very satisfying to me. I enjoy developing a subject in a variety of media, usually drawing the subject before painting it; then, if the subject is sufficiently compelling, exploring it further in etching, monotype or linocut.

Printmaking in its various guises – etching, monotype, monoprint and linocut –is a constant and exciting challenge to me. Having started my art studies working with metal, creating jewelry and enameled pieces at Skidmore College, I continue to have an affinity for working with metal, which etching satisfies. I enjoy the processes involved in making an etching from the initial conception of what I’m seeking in an image, to drawing it on a zinc or copper plate, etching and finally printing it. The final payoff is the excitement of seeing the completed image for the first time on paper.

There is a dialogue between the subject and me when I work on an image, beginning with my original visceral response to it. I relish the intimate relationship with my subjects that the process of drawing and painting them provides.  Capturing the original visual excitement and communicating the feeling that it evokes is the ultimate challenge. When others respond to my work and feel somehow transported to that place, I feel extremely gratified. "

   Mt. Washington Triptych

Mt. Washington, Winter (top middle) , Pam Traver, line etching

The Steeples, Canadian Rockies (middle right), Pam Traver, 3 block linocut

Mt. Washington, Triptych (lower middle ) Pam Traver, etching