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Tactile Surfaces ran February 6 through April 8, 2011. Tactile Surfaces explores different artists approach to texture in their work.Chains That Bind The exhibit includes mixed media of Judith Heller Cassell, Rochester, NH; mixed media of Janet Carlson, Hampton, NH; mixed media of Suzanne Pretty, Farmington, NH; and encaustic of Julie Serrano, South Berwick, ME.

In this series by Judith Heller Cassell she explores "my fascination with the fragility of plaster, the strength of steel and the ultimate deterioration of both.  Rusty metal intrigues me as does the delicate nature of plaster.  Chains of hammered metal and fragments of plaster seem to belong together.  They both are symbolic of the fragility of life nature in general. I find a raw beauty in the ugliness of decay.

Janet Carlson describes her works as “deconstructed gelatin-plate monotypes fabricated into innovative textile works”.  These fabric images use materials directly from nature along with geometric and textural patterns.  These pieces are then cut and stitched together.

Suzanne Pretty primarily a tapestry artist has found different mediums nourish Shards of a Worn Through Soul each other and open doors for new area of exploration. With her paper weavings and mixed media works she explores the intersection of nature and technology.  The tapestry piece Entwined II is a very textured glittery piece embellished with beads – a tree wrapped in bittersweet vines.

Julie Serrano is an oil painter and printmaker.  Recently, Julie began searching for an entrance into expressing herself in a more abstract way. A study of encaustic, working with wax as a medium, is allowing her more expressive possibility for subject and form. She is very excited about the ability to build up, scrape away and scribe into this medium of wax. She is also very much intrigued with and appreciative of the unknown as she works.



Chains that Bind, (upper right) by Judith Heller Cassell, mixed media
Shards of a Worn Through Soul, (lower right) by Judith Heller Cassell