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Beyond the Edge: Wen Redmond

Sun Ra Encaustic Collage #52 Beyond the Edge: Wen Redmond opened September 18 and ran through November 14, 2015. In this exhibit Redmond explores her chosen medium fabric to see what it can do and to stretch its perception as an art medium. An unusual use of fiber combines painting and digital media.

Redmond has exhibited extensively, received a list of awards, included in multiple collections, taught workshops, been involved with multiple books, TV and video projects. These included following exhibits Quilt National 2015 , Ohio: Westbeth Center for Art, NYC; SAQA Celebrating Silver; Invited Fiberart for a Cause; Gallery Seven, MA. Her work has been included in the following collections Leaping Point Purchased by Marvin Fletcher, Quilt National; Elliot at Rivers Edge, Elliot Hospital, Manchester, NH; Delaware Neuroscience Specialists, Delaware. Shaking the Tree of the Imagination, was published in Studio Art Quilt's Winter 2013 Journal, Winter Tree, Cormorants Perch, Whispers of the Positive and Within Without,  published in Cutting Edge Art Quilts,  Cheryl Rezendes' "Fabric Surface Design.

In Disguise

Wen Redmond talks about her work "Making my art allows me to tap into levels of myself, becoming more aware, more conscious and more grateful. I’ve loved photography my entire live. This brings a tender sensitivity to one’s surroundings. An Eye.

I hope to bring that energy into my art making to communicate the positive. When I work, I allow and encourage a collaborative process with the spirit or that mind boggling principle of the universe. Creation gives me ideas. My passion is to put them into art. My art are my prayers.”

Sometimes, I look with intention on everything with the possibility of creating a composition and sometimes it just happens. A quick glance becomes the image of a future work. These moments are my well, my source.

Last LeafSun/Ra Encaustic Collage 52 (top right), Wen Redmond, Painted, scrim, text & paint, stitched canvas panel.

In Disguise (middle right), Wen Redmond, Digital Fiber- Image of an artist's journal page. Images are printed onto treated natural textiles with a under collage. Creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method.

Last Leaf (bottom right), Wen Redmond, Digital Fiber Image of an artist’s journal page. Images are printed onto treated natural textiles and other surfaces, combining painting and digital media into a one of a kind art piece. Segments are creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method.