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Previous Exhibits and Gallery Artist

Below is a list of many past gallery exhibits and the artist who have been included:

The Art of the Tintype: Edith Weiler, Fall 17
The Cut Paper World of J. M. Frase-White, Summer 17
Between Worlds - Paint, Pixels and Process: Todd Kramer, Spring 17
Loominations - TWiNE 2017, Winter 17
Small Gems Holiday Exhibit 2016, Holiday Exhibit 16
Follow the Thread: Wen Redmond, Susann Foster Brown and Robin Cornwell
Rocks, Trees, Trucks: Judith Heller Cassell and Suzane Pretty, Summer 16
People of Asia: Lawrence Elbroch, Spring 16
Mountain Portraits and More: Pam Traver, Winter 16
Small Works Holiday Exhibit 2015, Holiday Exhibit 15
Beyond the Edge: Wen Redmond, Fall 15
Scott Schnepf: Printmaker, Summer 15
Impression: Silk Screens by Catherine Green, Spring 15
Branching Out: Trees Interpreted, Winter 15
Small Works Holiday Exhibit 2014, Holiday Exhibit 14
Fluer's Rabbit World, Fall 14
Built with Blocks by Suzanne Pretty, Summer 14
Nursing Home Series by Janet Carlson and Julie Seranno, Spring 14
Small Comforts for a Long Winter by Susann Foster Brown, Winter 14
Holly Berry Exhibit of Small Works, Holiday Exhibit 13
William Mitchell: Silkscreens of the New England Landscape, Fall 13
Naturally Occurring: Paintings by Debra Claffey, Summer 13
Fiber and Print Exhibit 2013, Spring 13
Holiday Small Works Exhibit, Holiday Exhibit 12
In and Of the Landscape by Judith Heller Cassell and Suzanne Pretty, Fall 12
Drawn to the Clouds by Rosemary Conroy, Summer 12
Threads of Tapestry by Suzanne Pretty, Winter 12
Small Works Exhibit, Holiday Exhibit 11
Reflections on a Garden, Summer 11
Life is Colorful: Works of Ethel Hills, Spring 11
Tactile Surfaces, Judith Heller Cassell, Janet Carlson, Suzanne Pretty, Julie Serrano 11
Holiday Exhibit 2010, Tess Feltes, Suzanne Pretty , Robert Roux, Winter 10
Embroidered Stories by Jill Snyder Wallace, Fall 10
Inner Garden: Photographs by Susan Lirakis, Summer 10
Maidens of Pharos by Cori Caputo, Watercolors, Spring 10
Pat Giebutowski and Suzanne Pretty, Reflections, Winter 10
Tess Feltes, Ethel Hills and Robert Roux, Holiday 09
Judith Heller Cassell and Suzanne Pretty, Fall 09
Media - Mixed and Otherwise, Gail Smuda, Summer 09
Resurgence, WCA-NH, Spring 09
Exhibit of George Longfish & Carly Glovinski, Summer 08
Donna Catanzaro, Universe of Wit & Irony, Spring 08
Dimensions in Fiber & Print: Janet Carlson & Sue Pretty, Spring 07
Laura Morrison: Mixed Media and Commentary, Fall 07
Judy Cassell and Robert Roux, Fall 06