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Maidens of Pharos: Watercolors by Cori Caputo


Maidens of Pharos: Watercolors by Cori Caputo at Emporium Framing and Gallery ran April 9 through June 12, 2010.  Cori reflects on the creation of  this new lighthouse woman series.

The title for this series of ten women lighthouse watercolors was suggestion from Cori's brother rather than the less interesting "The Lighthouse Ladies of New England"  For additional information on this read Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Artist Statement - Cori Caputo

There is nothing like being in the wrong location to make one realize where home really is. Around four years ago Cori Caputo noticed the image of a lighthouse woman with three faces starting to haunt her sketches while she wrestled with important decisions in her life.Cup of Tea
These paintings reflect Caputo’s journey of inner turmoil and finally peace while searching for an understanding of where she belongs on this planet. The Lighthouse represents the crossroads of decision. It stands between us and the unknown.  Do we get into our boat and sail towards the mysterious lights on the horizon or do we wait in that misty in between place of sand and shore watching the waves come and go, knowing the safety of the village is waiting behind us?

Deep down we know where we belong, it’s where our hearts become alive with happiness and every morning is filled with happy anticipation not unlike the first day of vacation. It’s when we don’t listen to that happy heartbeat of recognition and give too much weight to society’s well meaning advice is when we get into trouble, start feeling lost and cranky and perhaps start seeing visions of bewildered lighthouses with faces looking in all the directions except the one that would make us happiest.

These thought provoking paintings invite you to experience the bold dark emotions of a storm at night to the joyous calm of a soft sweet misty day. You will travel from horror to humor and finally to a happy serene conclusion. Among this evocative collection you are sure to find one that speaks to your heart.

Insomnia, by Cori Caputo, watercolor (upper right)
She came to me with a smile and a dream and poured me a cup of tea, by Cori Caputo, watercolor (lower right)