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In and Of the Landscape by Judith Heller Cassell and Suzanne Pretty

In and Of the Landscape by Judith Heller Cassell and Suzanne Pretty opened Back to the SeaSeptember 22 through November 3, 2012. The exhibit features the works of Judith Heller Cassell, Rochester, NH and Suzanne Pretty, Farmington, NH. The works of Heller Cassell and Pretty examine environmental impact of mining and development on the landscape both with a very different approaches.

Judith went to Virginia Commonwealth University's Art School evenings and many years later attended UNH at received her BA in sculpture. She is currently a member of Boston Printmakers and League of NH Craftsmen. She has exhibited her sculptures and prints extensively including a one women show at the Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth, Artstream in Rochester, NH and various exhibits through the League of NH Craftsmen.

Suzanne has a BA of painting from Massachusetts College of Art. She has exhibited internationally and been included in a number of publications. She has received the Artist Fellow awarded by the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts two times, was awarded First Prize in the American Tapestry Biennial 8 and have won numerous awards including the Craft National 2006 at the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, PA and Best in Weaving in the Living with Crafts Exhibit at the 79th Annual Craftsmen Fair. She was commissioned by the New Hampshire Council on the Arts to create an award for the Governor’s Award.

Artist Statement - Judith Heller Cassell

Three #3

I was born in a log cabin in rural Virginia, and those days spent musing in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the creative spirit behind most of my work. In my etchings, woodcuts, collagraphs, and sculpture, I attempt to capture this haunting, melancholy spirit. When I have an opportunity to share a body of work, I strive for a common vein, a cohesion that affords the viewer a glimpse of my inner voice.

For this body of work, my fascination with copper is my cohesion tool. I am intrigued by the chemical changes that occur when it is exposed to different elements. The patina is so much more interesting than the shiny metal.

The mining of copper is an environmental disaster. I have attempted to reflect this destruction in the landscapes I have created. I find it distressing that the search for the metal that plays beneath my fingers is also one of the causes of the ruination of our planet, Earth.

Artist Statement -Suzanne Pretty

Lined Up and Ready Truck and heavy equipment imagery are elements frequently used in my work. The bright colors in this series take the images out of the everyday setting but the heavy equipment contains the incredible power to rip through and destroy the landscape.

In my tapestry Toy Truck in the Landscape an old toy truck on the walk way is ambiguous until the actual scale is realized. In the Shadow, toy trucks are left in a pile under the rear bumper of a pickup truck. The trucks appear as if in training for the bigger jobs later.

Waiting at the Ready, trucks are lined up neatly in a tidy row waiting for the next day. The repeat patterns created by these trucks all in a row are very different patterns than the vines and flowers found in the work of William Morris.

Back to the Sea (upper right)
by Judith Heller Cassell, copper, silk
Three #3, (middle right)
by Judith Heller Cassell,copper, silk, collagraph
Lined up and Ready, (lower left)
by Suzanne Pretty, multi media