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Holiday Exhibit


The HOLIDAY EXHIBIT ran November 19 through January 31, 2010.  The exhibit featured the botanical watercolors of Tess Feltes, Portsmouth, NH; watercolor collages of Ethel Hill, Hampton, NH;  pottery of Robert Roux, Wells, ME and other regional artist.  Feltes, Hills and Roux draw on  the inspiration of nature but with very different approaches.

Feltes found a true path when she studied scientific illustration at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago. This discipline and exactitude of rendering gave her art a structure and a reawakening of interest in the natural world. She believes her art is an attempt to regain a child's original fascination with beauty, combined with accuracy of scientific illustration.

Hills grew up in New Hampshire and falling  in love with marshes and beaches of the seacoast while at the University of New Hampshire finally settling in Hampton. Band 3  She states "Although these collages suggest the landscape, they are not intended to document a specific time or place. By leaving off my own titles, I hope to leave more room for the viewer to bring their own memories and experiences to the work."

Roux originally from the Dover area received a BFA from University of Arizona. After graduation he moved to Boulder where taught at the Boulder Parks and Recreation Pottery Lab, the Boulder Potters Guild. He moved backed to Wells after eleven years and  taught at Heartwood College.  Bob has developed a series of mugs, plates, vases and ornaments with a pine theme.

Dandelion by Tess Feltes, watercolor (upper right)
Band #3 by Ethel Hill, watercolor collage (lower right)