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Reflections on a Garden

14 Carrots, More or LessReflections on a Garden opened  June 18  through September 9, 2011.  Gardens take on different meanings to different people.  This exhibit displays a range of media and approaches to the artist relation with the garden. The artist included are Donna Catanzaro, Pat Chandler, Holly Elkins, Tess Feltes, Liz Fletcher, Pat Giebutowski, Judith Heller Cassell, Laura Morrison, Gail Smuda, Suzanne Pretty and Robert Roux.

The digital collage Factory Food or Local Food? of Donna Catanzaro is amusing yet sobering comment on our food supply.  In mixed media piece My Garden - Our Future Laura Morrison incorporates words into her work hoping the text will invite the viewer to ask their own questions.  Gail Smuda's Book of Birds is a fold out book (below is her artist statement).  The etchings of Judith Heller Cassell are intimate views of her garden. The gouache and watercolor works of Tess Feltes are detailed botanical as in her 14 Carrots, More or Less.  The gouache pieces of Suzanne Pretty are studies of plants and insects incorporating pattern as in Insects in the Garden.

Ceramics are also represented with Liz Fletcher Garden Goddess and Robert Roux's Bird Bath with Pine Cones and Bird Bath with Boat.

Additional Information on Artists

Gail Smuda artist statement,Book of Birds "Book of Birds contains information about the types of gardens that attract birds and drawings of a variety of birds something that has interested me for decades. I seem to return to the subject of birds every few years or so and found that the drawings I was doing while teaching a drawing class this past semester were all of birds and would fit into the idea of gardens from that perspective."

Donna Catanzaro talks about her work, "I am a collector, but instead of objects, I collect images: photos of people and objects from old books, instructional manuals, cookbooks, magazines, and photos that I take myself of steamrollers, Virgin Mary statuettes and skies. I see the world as potential parts of a collage – possible interesting backdrops or funky main characters. While I collect the images I also collect data: information, historical facts, news and current events. I’m a news junkie, and while some of the news makes me enraged, some news makes me see the absurdity of it all."Insects in the Garden

Suzanne Pretty talks about her work, "I am working on a series of garden pieces with plants and insects. The insect as a pattern element fascinated me."

Insects are very large presence in the world. A small therapeutic garden provides me with first hand interaction. I have the exercise, fresh air and as a bonus the fruits of my labor in the form of vegetables and flowers. It is very frustrating when the insects settle in and devastate the plants.


14 Carrots, More or Less, (upper right) by Tess Feltes, gouache
Book of Birds, (middle right) by Gail Smuda, mixed media
Insects in the Garden, (lower right) by Suzanne Pretty, gouache