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The Cut Paper World of J. M. Frase-White

Green Man, Lord of SpringThe Cut Paper World of J. M. Frase-White ran June 23 through September 8, 2017 at Emporium Framing & Gallery in South Berwick, Maine. James Frase-White's cut paper pieces depict a range of imagery from ApiAriadane, goddess of Honeyflies and Butterbees to his dog and former students flying a kite on the beach.

James Frase-White working in his studio in Concord, Vermont states, “My art has evolved out of necessity. As a child I was fascinated by drawing, but had no knowledge of art until high school, with an amazing teacher, Mrs. Lorraine Warwick as instructor, who took our class on trips to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and taught the rudiments of art.

I went on to Duquesne University for a degree in Existential Philosophical Psychology, where I learned that my altruistic desire to help others did not reside in mental health, but in creating art.  The creative desire has relentlessly underpinned my studies and all work that I did subsequently.  Drifting from the fascination with stone carving, I studied stained glass, which became my major art/craft for many years.  I always had the release of a creative medium no matter what I did to make a living.

A Day in The LifeMy partner and I ran a restaurant for a decade, followed by a variety of labors, at long last working a branch of art, picture framing (at Emporium Framing and Art Gallery back in the Dover, NH days). 

I’ve now begun to merge the two practices together creating a synergy between the digital and the traditional while also incorporating my background as a commercial printer. Painting traditional i.e. Oils, Acrylic, Charcoal alongside the digital, helps add a vital, tactile element to the work while also challenging the viewer to sight the differences within the work if any can be detected. Overall this body of work represents a period of transition and adaptation that is sure to echo throughout many works to come. From there my curiosity led me to work for a marvelous Scholastic testing firm, which got me interested in teaching.  For almost 15 years I was a Title 1 Reading Tutor for children from grades 1 – 3 and it was there that I learned the joy of cutting paper.  Working with paper evolved from a fun way to amuse and educate children to a genuine art form that would facilitate inspirations and ideas that seem natural, to me and the medium.  A random form may usurp an idea and spawn a different creation, with the slice of a scissor blade. In the past years I have begun again to attempt to navigate the sea of watercolor, and have recently began mixing acrylic and canvas to the papercutting techniques.

Uncle FinbarrI’ve now begun to merge the two practices together You can check out a full history of my artwork, and current paper and stained glass works, including videos and links with friends and influences at my website:  www.frasewhitepaperglass.com”   

Green Man, Lord of Spring (top right), James M. Frase-White, Papercut

A Day in the Life (upper middle right), James Frase White, Papercut is part of a quartet. The beauty of earth, depicted in this halcyon scene, portrays my dog and two former students flying a kite on the beach, a great island city across the waters, all unaware of the approaching Vengeance of the almighty.

Lord Finebarr the Holy (lower middle), James Frase White, Papercut, An update of an older work, raising Uncle Finbarr to the status of Lost Deities: He is now Lord Finbarr the Holy of Gotaway Fish tales and Dampened Dreams.