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Following the Thread

Cheddar Plaid

Following the Thread: Wen Redmond, Susann Foster Brown and Robin Cornwell opened September 10 and ran through November 12, 2016 at Emporium Framing and Gallery in South Berwick, Maine. This exhibit presents three artists working in fiber with very different approaches to their work.

Susann Foster Brown states, "I am typically known as a printmaker and normally work in monotone earth color. I have sewn since childhood and love the tactile pleasures of working with fiber – and quilting offers me a vast palette of color to play with.  I especially love the sharp definition in the reproduction prints from the 1800s and later, and find simple traditional block patterns ideal for showing them to good advantage.

“What was she thinking…?” is a series of quilts from antique and vintage quilt blocks saved from the obscurity of "the box in the closet” - finds of unfinished blocks and vintage fabrics from shops and the Internet have found happiness in completing those projects, much in the way that each runner plays a part in a relay.  Someday someone may have the dilemma of how to dispose of my own unfinished projects – then I will complete some eternal circle of the work of making scraps into whole quilts to wrap around a loved one.  I like that thought.
Carry it on…Nest

Robin Cornwell states:  "I have been creating as far back as I can remember. The common thread through my work has always been printmaking. Block printing, stenciling and silk screen printing have been my favorite forms of image making since elementary school. The inspiration for my prints comes from nature and especially the flowers and leaves of the plants in my gardens. From these images I create some drawings, then translate those into hand carved rubber stamps and stencils. I take the curves, symmetry and patterns that I see and reinterpret them in my work. Quite often I will also pull right from nature by printing actual leaves. Prints can be made from a small geranium leaf to a large cabbage leaf. 

My dyed fabrics are my canvas, the rich, bright hues melding and contrasting with the bold prints. A quilted wall hanging may start as multiple prints on cloth and then slowly grow to a finished work. The quilting is an important part of the process. This is where I outline and encircle certain images to give them prominence in the artwork. The fine stitches of the quilting process pull the piece together as one. There is never a real plan, just a color scheme or a special print and the rest just evolves! For clothing designs I quite often will start with what colors will go best on the fabric, I like to use a color that matches the fabric and something that will contrast, an opposite. Then I will choose which stamps or leaves to use and create a flowing pattern across the fabric.

 I have also been a public school art teacher at the middle level for over 30 years. Coming up with new and motivating projects for my students helps to keep my creativity flowing! "

MetamorphoisWen Redmond is an innovative fiber & digital artist and has been included in many juried exhibits and collections, including Marvin Fletcher’s, Quilt National collection.

She delights in creating dialogue, changing perspectives and perceptions of fiber, creating unusual combinations of painting and digital media into a one of a kind art piece.

“Each work is individual and a communication between my inner imagination and later, the viewer.”

Her piece Metamorphism is Metamorphosis is about change, from one form or perception to another. Inner processes bring external change. People will begin to realize their personal gain at the expense of others or the environment is really loss for everyone, then shift will happen.

Cheddar Plaids (top right), Susann Foster Brown, wall quilt, vintage and antique fabric blocks (circa early 1900s), contemporary sashing and border fabrics, hand quilted.

Empty Nest (middle right) , Robin Cornwell, dyed fabrics imprinted with stamps and stencils then quilted.

Metamorphosis, (lower right) Wen Redmond, Intuitive curved piecing, dyed cotton, linen, organza and silk noil. Sun-printing, painted, stenciled monotype and creative stitching.

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