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Fleur’s Rabbit World

Water for LifeFleur’s Rabbit World opened September 12 and ran through November 7, 2014 at Emporium Framing and Gallery, South Berwick, ME. with a Meet the Artist Reception on Thursday, September 18 from 5-8 PM.

Fleur Palau is an American artist, trained in both New York and Florence, Italy. She is currently living in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and is known for her work in landscape painting and rabbit theme. She has exhibited her rabbit paintings extensively in Italy and the United States including Audubon Artists’ Society,National Academy Galleries, NYC; 1997 Annual Competition, Torre del lago, Italy (prize winner); West Valley Art Museum, West Valley Art Museum Surprise, Arizona and Millbrook Gallery, Concord, NH. She has been included in the following publications with featured articles The New York Art Review, American References (photo); Sunbathing in VersillaSettimana D’Arte Della Versilla, 1999 August and Sun Cities Independent, ‘Museums Exhibit Reveals Form,’ Arizona.

Palau states “I like my work. I have to admit it. I like it because it allows me the freedom live a waking dream. I'm just a dream chaser, and putting it down on canvas, my 'Rabbit World' sustains me and entertains as a vehicle for the expression of vague and altruistic ideals.

At the same time, I would describe my work as having a definite place in the endless stream of art history. It strikes a tone and continues the thread of dialogue, uncovering our dreams within the thin context of reality. My whimsical theme of rabbits in Italian landscape verges on the surreal. Color and tone predominate adding drama, and the dynamic tension in the composition reflects a world of magical realism. The LessonStates of being and emotion are explored in a world that is real and unreal at the same time. The paintings examine the invisible world of the psyche set off against an antique landscape of cypress trees, empty houses and ambiguous paths of no return.

Findings, an unusual canvas depicting three rabbits in a strange reunion, maybe having a picnic, though there is no food, maybe conferring on the fate of a broken teacup, standing in the open air framed by dark cypress trees in the distance and a fading path disappearing from which they may have arrived or simply as an escape. Certainly room for debate, certainly beautiful in any case.”

Water for Life (upper right) Fleur Palau, oils

Sunbathing in Versilla (middle right), Fleur Palau, oils

The Lessons (lower right), Fleur Palau, oils