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Fall Exhibit: Judy Heller Cassell and Robert Roux

FALL EXHIBIT ran October 7 through November 25 and features the works of printmaker/sculpture Judith Heller Cassell and potter/sculpture Robert Roux.  Included in this exhibit Judith has both the plates and the collagraphs produced from these plates.  The texture of the framed plate Touch of Blue in a World Gone Mad  translated onto paper has very different feel.  Robert life size sculpture Inside Looking Out is an interesting contrast to his production pottery.

brokenJudith, currently residing in Rochester, NH “was born in a log cabin in rural Virginia.  Those days spent musing in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains are the creative spirit behind most of my work.  In my etchings, woodcuts and sculpture, I attempt to capture this haunting, melancholy spirit and my work usually reflects the darker side of life.  My landscapes are a journey through desecrated Earth or hiding places for the soul.  I am consumed by the passion to record the visions that haunt my being.”

Robert originally from the Dover area received a BFA from University of Arizona.  After graduation he moved to Boulder where taught at the Boulder Parks and Recreation Pottery Lab, the Boulder Potters Guild.  He moved backed to Wells after eleven years.  He worked at Salmon Falls for a couple of years and taught at Heartwood College of Art.  He hopes to open a school for people to come to and enjoy clay.

Broken by Judith Heller Cassell, mixed media (right)