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Fall Exhibit 09: Judy Heller Cassell and Suzanne Pretty

The FALL EXHIBIT at Emporium Framing and Gallery ran September 26 through November 14.  The exhibit features the works of printmaker Judith Heller Cassell, Rochester, NH and fiber artist Suzanne Pretty, Farmington, NH.

brokenJudith “was born in a log cabin in rural Virginia.  Those days spent musing in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains are the creative spirit behind most of my work. The work in this exhibition is based on the feelings I experienced as I sat beneath my Father's ancient persimmon tree.  it was a glorious Virginia autumn afternoon and I attempted to capture the glory of the moment.  The old father and the old tree seemed as one as I looked from one to the other and realized I wouldn't have either much longer."

Suzanne Pretty's work examines the struggle and interaction between nature versus technology.

The gouache Captured Clouds illustrates the sky captured within the building and the sky filling with trucks and gray. The surrounding border reinforces this theme.   In the paper weaving Soaring Above the Fragile Forest, the forest is breaking apart into pieces and then is put back together.  In the tapestry Cup with a Desert Landscape on a Snake Table Cloth  the landscape elements are reduced to design items to be sold in the market place.

Persimmon by Judith Heller Cassell, woodcut (upper right)
Suzanne Pretty's web page and additional information