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Small Works Holiday Exhibit 2014

Never Resting TimeSmall Works Holiday Exhibit 2014 opened November 15 and ran through January 31, 2015 with open house Friday, December 5 from 5–8 PM, the night of Shop and Stroll in downtown South Berwick, Maine, a festive event.

This exhibit features regional artists in an array of mediums including prints of Cori Caputo, Nottingham, NH; etchings of Judith Heller-Cassell, Rochester, NH; mixed media collage of Ethel Hills, Hampton, NH; drawings of William Mitchell, Dover, NH; mixed media of Laura Morrison, Concord, NH; mixed media of Suzanne Pretty, Farmington, NH; jewelry of Deborah Proulx, Portsmouth, NH, mixed media of Gail Smuda, Concord, NH; mixed media of Wen Redmond, Strafford, NH; tapestry of Sarah Warren, Jefferson, NH plus many regional artist.Bands of Color 34

Smuda states "Laura Morrison and I met through the Women’s Caucus for Art and immediately connected through our love of mixed media and the realization that we share a similar aesthetic." Never Resting Time is a product of this collaboration called LKA (Loosely Knit Alliance). Additional pieces can be seen on Gail Smuda web site.

Hills writes “As a child, I loved the little details of the landscape, patterns made by the lengthening shadows in the woods, the ripples on a pond, or the intricate swirls made when water freezes in a brook or puddle. Long before I knew anything about art, I was viewing the world in terms of pattern, movement and simple intimate compositions. I was noticing abstract design elements, not just objects. I had landed upon a way of looking at the world that would stay with me and inform my work years later. As my work moved further away from realism, my use of color became stronger and bolder. I developed a passion for warm intense colors, colors that brought me joy; colors that made me feel good."A New Hampshire Year

Warren writes "I live in northern New Hampshire, in the foothills of the White Mountain National Forest. From my studio, I gaze across my field up to the heights of Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. My windows afford views of an array of fascinating cloud formations, sunrises, sunsets, alpine glow, and feasts of color as the days and the seasons morph. I am constantly analyzing colors, patterns of light, and the angles of mountain ridges, imagining how to turn what I see into tapestry.

My goal as a tapestry artist is to communicate the peace and well-being I feel sitting on mountain-tops, gazing at distant peaks and ridges, and watching soaring birds at play on the thermals that rise from the valley below."

Redmond comments Making art always puts me into a certain space, a meditation. I call this being in the flow. It allows thoughts and feelings to bubble up from the unconscious. I can put that energy into my art. Later, viewing the piece, I can revisit that feeling. It is like reading a poem or hearing a familiar story. It brings you back. It gives pleasure. That’s my hope for anyone viewing my pieces”.Take It Back

This body of work reveals a blending of boundaries of mixed media; encaustic, collage, including fabric, papers, recycled materials, mono-printing, surface design, and image transfer."

Never Resting Time (upper right) LKA (Loosely Knit Alliance) Gail Smuda and Laura Morrison, multi media

Bands Of Color #34 (middle right), Ethel Hills, mixed media collage

A New Hampshire Year (lower right), Sarah Warren, tapestry

Take It Back (bottom right) Wen Redmond, collage painted paper, fabric, cord, digital images stitched


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